ESG Explained | Your 20 Minute Monthly Briefing (Aug)

August 22, 2024 09:00 Europe/Stockholm

About This Webinar

- The webinar is held in English and complimentary -

Kickstart your day with our monthly coffee briefings, where our ESG team delves into the dynamic world of ESG matters.

Designed to be concise, informative, and convenient, these sessions are perfect for staying up to date with the most recent events in the world, including regulatory updates, industry trends, and emerging best practices.


Why attend?

  • Stay informed - Gain insights into the most recent ESG trends and regulatory changes.
  • Effortless participation - With a duration of just 15-20 minutes, these webinars will not disrupt your busy schedule.
  • Expert Q&A: Get the opportunity to ask questions directly to our ESG experts and receive personalised insights.


We look forward to engaging discussions, valuable insights, and a refreshing start to your day.


  • ESG trends and regulatory developments
  • Expert Q&A

Annik Cecilie Saxegaard Falch

Head of ESG Advisory and Group Sustainability, Advisense

Annik has five years of experience working with ESG-related matters for banks, financial institutions and range of other clients, and has gained extensive knowledge on regulations, trends and best practices in Norway and internationally.

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